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This 3 pack of mini zines are printed and cut by resident artist Gayle Rogers from an A4 sheet of paper. Their DIY nature is in the spirit of the early handmade and photocopied fanzines.


A set of 3 zines

A mini zine remembering Duncan Edwards on the 65th anniversary of his passing after the 1958 Munich Air Disaster.


2. WHO'S THAT...

A mini zine reflecting on the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, where a plane crashed in Munich injuring and causing the death of several people, including staff and players of the Manchester United football team.



A personal reflection on love and loss of Gayle's ancestor Duncan Edwards.


3 mini zines £7.50 including P&P in the UK

Words are taken from Gayle's research, including interviews with those who knew and/or loved the Busby Babes – particularly Duncan Edwards.

They are part of her work-in-prgress as she works to create a graphic novel based on her PhD research into the commemoration of the Munich Air Disaster & particularly her ancestor and England and Manchester United footballer Duncan Edwards.


These mini open edition zines explore the univeral themes of love and loss.


SIZE: The mini zines are made from an A4 sheet folded and cut to create an A7 sized with 6 pages plus a front and back cover. 80gm white paper.

Mini Zines inspired by the Munich Air Disaster

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