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With a growing reputation for championing political art and narrative art we work with those who share our passion to make socially engaged or issue-based work.
We also showcase a collective of artists and makers in South Wales including nationally renowned specialists in furniture, lovespoons and scul

We hire our Art Pane Relief Windows exhibition space at certain times throughout the year (fees apply). Use our contact form to request further details for a hire.
We encourage individual artists and/or collectives who feel that their ethos
matches ours to apply for opportunities as they are advertised.
As a small business we do not have the capacity to respond to unsolicited speculative exhibition proposals or artist submissions. Please j
oin our mailing list HERE - where artist and exhibition opportunities will be promoted as they arise.


We run residency programmes for artists, writers, researchers and designers each year. 
Use our
 contact form to request further details (fees apply).

Two resident artists are currently based in the gallery: 

Researcher and Drawer: Gayle Rogers PhD     
Sculptor & Furniture Designer: Chris Williams MA MRBS

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