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Narrative Artist & Researcher : Gayle Rogers PhD     
Sculptor & Furniture Designer: Chris Williams MA MRBS

We also feature many international, national and local artists, designers, researchers and writers in exhibitions & events across our four specialisms:


Art & Sport

Comics & Graphic Novels



xhibition opportunities are promoted as they arise via our mailing list HERE . Please do not contact us to request an exhibition or to share links to your artwork. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to respond to the many artist enquiries we receive each week.

Gayle Rogers

My work explores how, why and when we commemorate our dead. I work predominantly
as a drawer and visual storyteller.
I manage the gallery; curating shows, running events & creative workshops on and off-site.

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gayle outside workers gallery SML.jpg

Chris Williams

I am an artist member of the Royal Society of Sculptors with work in private & public collections. I manage the gweithdy and work predominantly in wood. I create work that draws from various themes including heritage, science, mathematics and landscape.

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