The WORKERS residency space can be hired by artists, writers, researchers and designers. Our shows often have a participatory element and we also work off site with community groups taking bespoke art & design  experiences to families and schools. 

The Chair for the 2018 National Eisteddfod Cardiff was made at the WORKERS GALLERY by resident artist Chris Williams. For information on his woodworking & designer-maker workshops please use our contact form 
We were winners of The Big Draw Festival Community, Participatory and Libraries Award 2018 for resident artist Gayle Rogers' workshop with Ynyshir Primary School (supported by RCT Council Art Services).
Gayle leads drawing activities throughout the year with a focus on the local landscape. Thanks to the community of Lee Gardens Pool for the top three images.

leegardenspool project

Windy Draws Plein Air workshops poster with photos and drawings of people at a wind turbine energy site drawing

drawing in cabin in the wild

Table with drawing materials on them including a square cardboard tub with wooden colour pencils, an empty glass jar and plastic tub with a grey box of charcoal. Part of a figure can be seen with a hand holding a charcoal stick drawing a turbine on brown paper. Opposite another hand is drawing on white paper.

turbine drawing workshop

Close photo taken from above a child's drawing board which has a cartoon like drawing of wind turbines on it. The child is in a warm brown coat and drawing with a grey pen with the feet of someone in walking boots visible on grey gravel.

windy draws exhibition

Four rows of drawings all on brown paper blu tacked on a white wall close togther. The drawings are in pastel and pencil and are varied and colourful

Drawing Classes

Exploring drawing classes at the Workers Gallery

drawing workshop

Drawing workshop in the gallery

Community, Participatory and Libraries A
Big Draw workshop

Drawing at the gallery with Ynyshir Primary School pupils and Gayle Rogers

David Mayne photographer on community da
Woodworking workshops at the workers

Woodworking workshops available at the Workers' Gweithdy

furniture restoration

Furniture Restoration workshops

welsh chair commission

Commissioning handmade chairs & other furniture with Chris Williams

Alfred after turning a bowl at the works
Knit & sew wot 2019

Drop in social with textiles

Melanie Honebone Workshop

Artist masterclasses with specialists across art and design disciplines

Woodworking Workshops

One-to-one design and making furniture workshops

knit and sew wot group

Social group enjoying handcrafts

Knit and sew Wot

Knit & Sew Wot social mingle with textiles includes embroiderers new and old