Tottenham's Trojan Horse Book
  • Tottenham's Trojan Horse Book


    Tottenham's Trojan Horse 


    This wonderful book by Mark Panton and illustrated by Amand Lilywhite is a fascinating insight into a real life story of how a local community responded to one of the giants of football's regeneration proposals.


    If you are interested in community activism, football, public consultation or you are a teacher or titur looking to discuss issues of public protest, gentrification, displacement and the power of 'big business' and football as a business - this is a wonderfully accessible resource. One copy is £5.50 including postage and 2 coipes are £10 including postage. Postage in the UK only.


    Sales of these books is possible due to the generosity of Mark and Amanda and we also have a copy of the book in out community library that can be accessed during our opening hours. 

    Check out the blog here with updates on the displays at Tate Exchange at Tate Modern.

    Proceeds from the sale of these books funds the display and upkeep of the community library (we are currently raising funds to create a bespoke accessible bookcase & catatloguing system).