Greeting Cards of wildflower seeds
  • Greeting Cards of wildflower seeds


    Seeded Greeting Cards 

    Plantable seeded cards which will grow into bee-friendly wildflowers!


    The paper is handmade in the UK and is embedded with bee-friendly, UK native, non-GM wildflower seeds. The flowers in the seed mix are beautifully presented on the front of the cards, painted by artist and gardener Charlotte Day, who previously worked for the Royal Horticultural Society.


    Blank inside Size: A6 Envelope: Kraft

    Printed on FSC certified paper embedded with GM-free, UK wildflowers.

    Seed mix contains: Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye Dais, Ribwort Plantain, Red Campion, Salad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion and Yarrow