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She Brought Him Flowers Mini Zine

By Gayle Rogers


This DIY mini zine accompanies the exhibition of the same name by resident artist Gayle Rogers.

It forms part of Gayle's work-in-prgress as she creates a graphic novel based on her PhD research based on her ancester and England and Manchester United footballer Duncan Edwards. This mini open edition zine explores love and loss as Duncan died at age 21 after he was injured in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster, but he is passionately and lovingly commemorated by family, friends and fans. 


The zine is an A7 book of 6 pages with a  front and back cover. It is in black and white, printed on 80gm white paper. Buy 1 for £2.50 or 2 for £4.50. 


You can support Gayle's work via patreon with a special patron teir whereby Gayle will send you a original drawing from her work in progress.

To see more of Gayle's work go to gayle

Mini DIY Zine by Gayle Rogers

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