Book Lovers Book Bag Bundle
  • Book Lovers Book Bag Bundle


    Book Bag Bundle



    The Book Bag only


    The book bag + book + booklovers postcard  (Great to send as a gift and we'll add your personalised message to the card for you)


    Book Bag

    Perfect size for a small book or paperbook, your glasses and wallet/purse

    Water resistant. Size 21 x 32 cm. Brown fabric handles.

    2 zipped compartments


    Booklovers Postcard

    Standard sized postcard - blank on back

    Wording: You Can't Buy Happiness but you Can Buy books...which is the same thing



    Select from: 


    The Amazingly Astonishing Story by Lucy Gannon

     The Amazingly Astonishing Story is Lucy Gannon’s childhood memoir, a frank and surprising look into a child’s tumultuous mind. A soldier’s daughter, Lucy lived in many places but after the death of her mother when Lucy was six, she was lodged with relatives in Lancashire, taken in only because the Army paid an allowance for her care. Escape beckoned when her father remarried but Lucy and her brothers soon found they had swapped one difficult situation for another. The boys fled into the armed forces leaving Lucy behind, a loathed gooseberry in her father’s second and passionate marriage. 

    Lucy’s escape was her convent school where, though abysmal at maths, she discovered a flair for writing and in the nuns she found warmth and understanding. Forced to leave home at sixteen, she joined the Women’s Royal Army Corps (‘the only organisation desperate enough to take me on’). 

    Vividly told, The Amazingly Astonishing Story is a classic story of a working-class girl growing up in the fifties and sixties, where dreams and reality seem irreconcilable.



    Six Pounds Eight Ounces by Rhian Elizabeth 


    Hannah King is a liar, so everyone says. That means her stories of growing up in the Rhondda, as told in Six Pounds Eight Ounces, must be treated with caution. Debut novelist Rhian Elizabeth opens Hannah’s notebook up on her own little world of crazy friends and crazy family, and a crazy school with crazy teachers who aren’t always what they seem. From dolls and sherbet lemons, to a bright student who drops out of school in favour of drink, drugs and glam rock up on an estate which feels like another planet, Hannah, it seems, has always been trouble

    Rhian English